The wedding of
Rebecca Ann Glass
Jonathan Dean Ennesser

Our story

How we Met

We met on one of the social media sites we were both perusing. It was love at first sight, though neither of us wanted to admit it. After a bit of chit chat, we planned a date at the theater. When we showed up, we were discovered we were talking about different theaters and in completely different locations. As it was too late for us to reconvene at either theater we decided to just meet up after. We met at Steak and Shake. It was the only dine-in place that was open at the late hour we planned, and also served as a halfway point between us. While conversing and breaking the ice we quickly learned that we were the same in many ways, yet completely opposite in other ways. we were both the youngest of six. She has three sisters and two brothers. I have three brothers and two sisters. We spent several hours in that tiny booth talking about everything under the sun, neither one of us wanting to end the date. When it finally did come to an end, it ended in with a kiss.

How we grew

Our upbring was vastly different; Hers being rooted in religion and mine being mostly devoid of it. Though sometimes this would be a point of contention, we used as a means of civil discourse to expand our understandings and perspectives. Together we continue to grow spiritually. We strive to make ourselves better people throughout our relationship .

How we got engaged

It was the night of our four year anniversary. I went over to Jon’s house so we’d have plenty of time to hang out before our reservations at this nice restaurant we only go to for our anniversary or big life events. I was a little suspicious, because I knew our reservations were at 8 and Jon had stressed to show up at 6:30. I even told one of my brothers I had a feeling tonight would be our big night. For a while after I showed up, we goofed around like we always did. Then Jon got serious and asked if I would like to dance. So we put on some music and ballroom danced in his living room. After several songs, one of my favorite romantic songs came on (I can't Help Falling in Love). Jon started telling me how wonderful I am and how wonderful our relationship is. Then he said, “You’ve made these past 4 years special, will you make the next 80 special?” I started crying, literally did ask “Wait are we for real? ITS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?” because we talked about engagements recently and while I had a feeling it would happen that night, I did not expect it in that moment. Jon laughed and said yes, he was serious and proceeded to pull out the ring and get on one knee. He then asked those famous words, would I be his wife. Of course I said yes. We slow danced for a bit, and then went and celebrated at the restaurant.

Our vision

Our wedding will be the combining of two families and celebration of our love that has grown over the past six years. We decided to get married on the day that means the most to us, the day we met. Our wedding theme is romantic winter wonderland. We hope for it to be a magical experience for everyone, as our relationship feels like a fairytale come true.

The road ahead

Though life will pose any obstacles for us in the future we both look forward to facing them together as a testament of our willingness to oversee all obstacles and work towards a better outcome. The people and groups that helped us to come to this wonderful point in our lives will be forever represented in the Everlasting Foundation of our Union









all images herein are colectively owned by Jon Ennesser, Rebecca Glass, and Roland Lim Photography.